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Mom Picks: Maternity Workout Must-Haves 

Category: Exercise, Exercising During Pregnancy, Lifestyle, Mom Picks, Nutrition, Well-Being

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Now we have all been told how important it is to keep active while pregnant, and it’s true, but how do you make working out while pregnant more comfortable? You have a big ole belly, clothes fit very differently, and you may be feeling sick, tired, and all-around heavy. Luckily, you have Baby Boot Camp to get you motivated and keep you active, but what else can you do to feel good about staying active? Here is what I have found to be the top must-haves for maternity workouts.

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4 Exercises for Newly Postpartum Women 

Category: Birth Recovery, Exercise, Exercising During Pregnancy, Family Fitness, Injury Prevention, Lifestyle, Mom and Baby Workout, Stroller Fitness, Weight Loss, Well-Being

 Women are bombarded with messages on how to treat their postpartum bodies. Headlines like “Best mom bikini bod” and “Click here to see how fabulous XX looks just four weeks after giving birth!” are common media snippets that pop up in our Facebook and Instagram feeds daily. It can be discouraging for the average women to manage through the expectations she has of herself mingled in with what society is telling her she should look like.

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It Takes a Virtual Village 

Category: Lifestyle

A mom wears so many hats: chef, house cleaner, interior decorator, nurse, referee, personal stylist, therapist, alarm clock, cup holder, living jungle gym, etc. Imagine what life would be like if you didn’t have to do every last task, if some things were made easy (or at least easier!). Delegate where you can so that you can use your time to get to a Baby Boot Camp class, to spend extra minutes cuddling your baby, or to even (dare I say it) get a minute to yourself.

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Birth Recovery: Why It’s Important to Begin Moving in the Early Postpartum Period 

Category: Birth Recovery, Exercise, Injury Prevention, Lifestyle, Mom and Baby Workout

Safe movements in the early postpartum period can help combat the baby blues, which are all too common, even if you’re not a first-time mom. Essential postpartum movements (not to be confused with exercise) can assist your body with muscle memory and help you connect with your newly postpartum body.

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Birth Recovery and Diastasis Recti 

Category: Birth Recovery, Exercise, Exercising During Pregnancy, Injury Prevention, Lifestyle, Mom and Baby Workout

Diastasis recti develops when the connective tissue (linea alba) between the right and left rectus abdominis separates during late pregnancy. The severity of diastasis recti is assessed based on a finger-width scale. About two-thirds of pregnant women have diastasis recti. It is not a life-threatening condition, but one that should be assessed and addressed within three to four weeks after delivery.

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